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FF #117: 🦁 Have a Grrrreat Time Celebrating March Holidays

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Welcome to the 117th issue of Flanders Family Freebies, a weekly themed link list of resources designed by me, Jennifer Flanders, in hopes of helping you build a strong, happy, healthy home. Thank you for giving me a place in your inbox! Was this newsletter forwarded to you by a friend? Want your own? Subscribe here.

Tyler, Texas
Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Hello, Friend.

As unlikely as it may seem, two months of the new year have already whizzed by, and a third is now upon us. March may gambol in like a lamb and roar out like a lion, but it carries with it lots of cause for celebration.

And that's the topic of this week's link list. I hope the following fun ideas, tasty recipes, and free printables will help you make the most of these lesser known March holidays!

Free resources for you this week:

What I'm reading this week:

I'm just a few chapters away from finishing My Grandmother Told Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman. It's a touching story of the great lengths to which this extraordinary grandmother goes to protect her precocious but frequently bullied granddaughter, fan the flame of her giftedness, store up a wealth of happy memories, and find friends to watch over her faithfully once grandma is gone. This slowly unfolding mystery contains some mild language, but is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable read.

What we're watching this week:

About all we've had time to view lately is a few hilarious, tongue-in-cheek Instagram reels from Really Very Crunchy -- most notably, this one. As a mom, I totally empathize with Emily's dilemma, but as a grandma, I'm horrified to think my fast food preferences might disqualify me from service in such an hour of need. 😳

Progress on last week's goals:

If you looked at my ambitious to-do list last week and wondered how iI'd ever accomplish so much in only seven days, you obviously have a more realistic understanding of time constraints than I do!

I did manage to ✅ turn in the photos for my son's graduation slideshow, ✅ write two Timberdoodle reviews, and ✅ host a wedding shower over the weekend (which included making a pennant banner, framing several photos of the bride and groom, and creating two fresh flower arrangements and three corsages).

But I ❌ totally ignored my messy garage, ❌ barely got started memorizing Psalm 139, and ❌ didn't paint a single brush stroke on my wall mural (but did draw a sketch and buy supplies). So those three goals will get broken into more manageable chunks and turfed to future weeks.

Personal goals for this week:

  • record a senior tribute for my son's graduation
  • memorize ALL of Psalm 139
  • book hotel for upcoming trip to Tulsa
  • paint 1 of 9 panels for my backyard wall mural
  • pack away all our costumes and valentine's decor

Another poll for you:

The results are in, and apparently the outdoor adventurers on my subscriber list vastly outnumber the hotel hoppers. Even among those who admit a current preference for soft beds and free breakfasts, at least two were in their eighties and said they would've picked hiking/camping when they were younger (and often did!).

This week's question: When making to-do lists, do you stick with just a few things you know you can accomplish? Or do you DREAM BIG, and deal with a never-ending list of undone tasks? Hit reply and let me know!

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